Our longest case came to a conclusion today, 1695 days after we initially opened it in 2019. 4.5 years!! This sweetheart entered DCS custody about a month prior to CASA’s involvement, at about 16 months old and leaves today as an enthusiastic, rambunctious, bright almost 6 year old. His volunteer was assigned about a month after we were appointed and has been along for the whole ride.

Foster Mom, Kid and CASA Volunteers smiling at the camera

He was fortunate enough to be in one foster home for the duration and now it’s his forever family. The delays were due to a complicated legal situation, involving international law and trying to find someone who did not want to be found. But, his foster mom stuck through all of it and today finally was able to secure their bond legally and forever as his adoptive mom. (Photos shared with permission)


We are always so honored to be a part of these stories and they really are what fill our cups and keep us going.